The Innocents – Friday 12 January 2018 – An Apology

The committee unreservedly apologises for the failure to screen The Innocents, as advertised, and for the inconvenience caused to all those who attended. This is particularly in relation to the absence of information to members prior to the screening and the lack of clarity, and apparent inconsistencies, in communications during the pre-screening hour.

The events surrounding the inability of the film to be screened properly were highly unusual and became apparent extremely late in the day, so email/Twitter alerts would have had limited impact. Our attempts to find a solution or alternative, made in good faith, have exposed the vulnerability to events we cannot control.

In retrospect (and for the future) we feel we should have either cancelled the screening completely or definitively stated to everyone who arrived that there would be no sound, and so enable members to make a decision to stay or leave at that point without the hope given regarding a solution or alternatives.

We intend to ensure that, should a similar scenario occur again, a decision making plan and communication strategy is in place so that unnecessary journeys and wasted evenings can be avoided.

Every effort will be made to schedule another screening of The Innocents during the current season.

Richard Hall
LFS Chair