A War

A WarFriday 11th November, 2016

115 mins.
Dir: Tobias Lindholm
Denmark 2015
Cert 15
Starring: Pilou Asbaek, Tuva Novotny, Søren Malling

A split-second decision in the heat of battle is all that it takes to turn a decent man into a war criminal, or so it would seem in director Lindholm’s follow-up film to “A Hijacking”, shown at L.F.S. two seasons ago. As in the earlier film, “A War” depicts extremely tense and claustrophobic conditions with frightening authenticity. Not only does commander Claus Pedersen, stationed in Taliban territory in Afghanistan, have to contend with a dangerous, life-threatening situation, but he also cannot help thinking about home, where his wife is struggling with the everyday realities of bringing up three young children without a father. Part gritty war film, part courtroom drama, part domestic crisis, “A War” grips on all levels.

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