Friday 09th March, 2018

127 mins.
Dir: Cristian Mungiu
Romania 2016
Cert 15
Starring: Adrian Titieni, Maria Drăguș

In present-day Romania provincial doctor Romeo Aldea is faced with some intractable moral dilemmas. Having begun his career in the difficult years following the collapse of the Ceaușescu regime, he not unnaturally wants his daughter Eliza to have greater opportunities and to enjoy a better life. 18 year-old Eliza is academically bright and is in with a real chance of a scholarship to Cambridge. All hinges on a series of exams she must take at school, but on the day before the first exam a traumatic event occurs that could put her father’s careful plans at risk. In a socio-political system in which corruption is still embedded, how far is it morally justifiable to pull strings and play the system if it’s all for a good cause? Putting scruples to one side, Dr Aldea decides to do just that.

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