Imperfect Age

Screening on 24/01/20

Italy 2018
Dir: Ulisse Lendaro
Starring: Paola Calliari, Anita Kravos
Cert TBC
96 mins

Featured in last year’s Indie-Lincs festival, which showcases original, independently made, low budget films from around the world, ‘Imperfect Age’ centres on two aspiring young ballerinas, Camilla and Sara. 17-year-old Camilla is quiet and family orientated, whereas the slightly older Sara enjoys more of a sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle! They are both keen to audition for a place in a prestigious ballet school and decide it would be good to train together. Along the way Sara initiates Camilla into hard partying. When the audition finally arrives Camilla fails, blaming her poor performance on being hung over from the previous night’s excesses. The hardened Sara, on the other hand, sails through. Thinking that her so-called friend has deliberately engineered her downfall, Camilla plots revenge…

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