Land of Mine

Friday 06th April, 2018

100 mins.
Dir: Martin Zandvliet
Denmark/Germany 2015
Cert 15
Starring: Roland Møller, Louis Hofmann

May 1945. The Second World War is over. However, for a group of young German prisoners of war on Denmark’s West Jutland coast, the ordeal continues unabated. Assigned the terrifyingly dangerous task of clearing the two million mines laid beneath the beaches of this most heavily fortified coastline, the unit of mostly teenage boys works under the close supervision and instruction of veteran Sergeant Rasmussen. Like the local inhabitants and the military in general Rasmussen despises the Germans, his mind addled by thoughts of revenge. Yet, as he gets to know his charges better, he begins to perceive the cruelty and futility of the mission. “Land of Mine” tells it’s unbearably tense story with great conviction, never fighting shy of the big issues of vengeance, justice and forgiveness.

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