Friday 18th September, 2015
Sponsored by Roderick Orner and Michelle Allen

138 mins.
Dir: Xavier Dolan
Canada 2014
Cert 15

Starring: Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Suzanne Clément

The explosive relationship between vulnerable widow Diane and her emotionally disturbed son Steve comes under the microscope in this uncompromising and exhilarating new film from the young, hugely talented Canadian “auteur” Xavier Dolan. When he is expelled from a detention centre for starting a fire the 15 year old Steve returns to live with his mother.

Immediately the sparks fly as they rampage their way through tantrums that mask a love that both find difficult to express. The participation of a third party, the calmer enigmatic neighbour Kyla offers the possibility of stability – but could it possibly last? Tightly framed in 1:1 aspect ratio, rendering the action suitably claustrophobic, “Mommy” is a highly original drama that manages to be visually flamboyant without foregoing emotional depth.

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