Our Little Sister

Our Little SisterFriday 4th November, 2016

127 mins.
Dir: Koreeda Hirokazu
Japan 2015
Cert PG
Starring: Ayase Haruka, Hirose Suzu

The dynamics of contemporary Japanese family life come under the microscope in this subtle depiction of three adult sisters coming to terms with their shared past, as a new future takes shape. The girls had been raised by their grandmother after both parents left the family home 15 years previously, their father for another woman. Since their grandmother’s death the eldest sister Sachi has been de facto head of the family. At the funeral of their estranged father they meet for the first time Suzu, the 14 year old daughter from his second marriage. Impulsively Sachi invites their half-sister to live with them…Gentle and understated in its approach, “Our Little Sister” portrays with warmth and tenderness the transitions in the lives of all the sisters.

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