Stories We Tell

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Showing: Friday 21st November 2014 at 7:30 pm

Released: 29th August 2012 (Venice)

28th June 2014 (UK)



Sponsored by: Dr Roderick Ørner

Director and Lead Clinician at Dr Roderick J. Orner Ltd and Michelle Allen. Psychological Therapies and Consultancy Services


Certificate 12 AFlag of CanadaCanada – 106 mins – Documentary



Audience Reaction 63%

Director: Sarah Polley

Stars: Michael Polley, John Buchan, Mark Polley, Susy Buchan and Rebecca Jenkins


In this inspired, genre-twisting new film, Oscar-nominated writer/director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who’s telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. She playfully interviews and interrogates a cast of characters of varying reliability, eliciting refreshingly candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into nostalgia-tinged glimpses of their mother, who departed too soon, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. Polley unravels the paradoxes to reveal the essence of family: always complicated, warmly messy and fiercely loving. Stories We Tell explores the elusive nature of truth and memory, but at its core is a deeply personal film about how our narratives shape and define us as individuals and families….



Alliance of Women Film Journalists (Won – Best Documentary Feature Film 2013)(2 nominations – Best Woman Director, Best Woman Director 2013), Bratislava International Film Festival (Won – Best Documentary 2013), Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (Critics Choice Award nomination – Best Documentary Feature 2014), Central Ohio Film Critics Association (2nd place – Best Documentary 2014), Chicago Film Critics Association Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2013), Chlotrudis Awards (2 nominations – Best Director, Best Documentary 2014), CinEuphoria Awards (Won – Best Documentary – International Competition 2014), Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association (3rd place – Best Documentary 2013), Denver Film Critics Society (Nominated – Best Documentary Film 2013), Detroit Film Critic Society, US (Won – Best Documentary 2013), Directors Guild of America, USA (Nominated – Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary 2014), Directors Guild of Canada (Won – Allan King Award For Excellence in Documentary 2013), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Won – Grand Prix Focus for Feature Film 2012), Genie Awards (Won – Canadian Screen Award for Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary 2013), Georgia Film Critics Association (GFCA) (Won – Best Documentary 2014), Golden Trailer Awards (Nominated – Best Foreign Documentary Trailer 2013), Indiana Film Journalists Association, US (2nd place – Best Documentary 2013), International Cinephile Society Awards (Won – Best Documentary 2014), International Cinephile Society Awards (Won – Best Picture Not Released in 2012 2013), International Documentary Association (Nominated – Best Feature 2013), Iowa Film Critics Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2014), London Critics Circle Film Awards (Nominated – Documentary of the Year 2014), Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards (Won – Best Documentary/Non-Fiction Film 2013), National Board of Review, USA (Won – Best Documentary 2013), New York Film Critics Circle Awards (Won – Best Non-Fiction Film 2013), Online Film & Television Association (Won – Best Documentary Picture 2014), Online Film Critics Society Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2014), Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2013), San Diego Film Critics Society Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2013), San Francisco Film Critics Circle (Nominated – Best Documentary 2013), Satellite Award (Nominated – Best Motion Picture, Documentary 2013), Seattle International Film Festival (Nominated – Golden Space Needle Award for Best Dicrector 2013), St. Louis Film Critics Association, US (2nd place – Best Documentary Feature Film 2013), Sydney Film Festival (Nominated – Best Film 2013), Toronto Film Critics Association Awards (2 wins – Best Documentary, Best Canadian Film 2013), Vancouver Film Critics Circle (3 nominations – Best Canadian Film, Best Canadian Film Director, Best Canadian Film Screenplay 2013), Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards (Nominated – Best Documentary 2013), Writers Guild of America, USA (Won – Best Documentary Screenplay 2014), Yamagata International Documentary Festival (Nominated – Robert and Frances Flaherty Prize 2013)


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