Sweet Bean

Friday 11th May, 2018

113 mins.
Dir: Naomi Kawase
Japan 2015
Cert PG
Starring: Kiki Kirin, Nagase Masatoshi, Uchida Kyara

They say that food tastes better when prepared with love. This certainly proves to be the case with Sentaro’s dorayaki pancakes with sweet bean filling, once the elderly Tokue is let loose with her magic recipe! Sentaro is the rather glum manager of a small café selling the dorayaki in question. He simply goes through the motions, seemingly ill at ease with life. When he advertises for an assistant and 76 year-old Tokue applies, he is reluctant to take her on because of her age. But Tokue is nothing if not persistent, and when she does introduce her own special sweet bean paste sales soar and Sentaro learns how to smile! However, despite Tokue’s apparent serenity, she harbours a tragic secret which threatens to undo her good work. A charming and uplifting tale sensitively told.

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