The Quiet Girl

Fri 25th November – 19:30 Terry O’Toole Theatre
Ireland 2022
Dir: Colm Bairéad
Cert 12A
94 mins
Starring: Carrie Crowley, Catherine Clinch, Andrew Bennett

Rural Ireland 1981. 9 year-old Cáit lives on a remote farm in a large, impoverished family. Quiet and shy, Cáit is neglected by her parents and bullied at school. With her mother pregnant again, it is decided to send Cáit off to stay temporarily with relatives. The childless Eibhlín and Seán, who, as we eventually discover, lost a young son in a tragic accident several years before, provide a loving environment for the girl, and under their care she finds a real home. But how will the three of them react when the time comes for Cáit to return to her biological parents? “The Quiet Girl” is indeed a quiet film, but one of great emotional depth, where silence often speaks louder than words.

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