The Rider

Screening on 26/04/19

USA 2017
Dir: Chloé Zhao
Starring: Brady Jandreau, Tim Jandreau, Lilly Jandreau
Cert 15
104 mins

In this remarkable docudrama non-actor Brady Jandreau plays a semi-fictionalised version of himself, a rodeo rider who has to give up riding after sustaining a near-fatal head injury. This is potentially devastating for Brady, whose whole life has revolved around the rodeo, with which he is passionately engaged. Now he must seek out new ways of making a living and reassess his hopes for the future. Set against the dusty, expansive landscape of South Dakota, “The Rider” presents us with an authentic slice of cowboy life, lent even more authenticity by the inclusion in the cast of Brady’s real- life brother and sister. A warm and atmospheric portrayal of an individual and a community.

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