TrumanFriday 3rd February, 2017

109 mins.
Dir: Cesc Gay
Spain/Argentina 2015
Cert 15
Starring: Ricardo Darín, Javier Cámara

“Each person dies the best they can” is the tenet that drives the terminally ill Julían, a Madrid based actor, as he endeavours to put his affairs in order during his remaining days. In this venture he is joined by his close friend Tomás, who has come over from Canada. During the course of four days, encompassing long conversations in bars and cafés and visits to Julían’s son and cousin, they address the practicalities of the situation, Tomás acting as sounding board. However, it soon becomes apparent that Julían’s greatest concern is for his ageing dog Truman, who seems pretty much on his last legs too! He even goes as far as organising auditions for people willing to adopt the dog! Well served by an excellent cast, “Truman” is a thoughtful film with plenty of gently amusing moments.

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