1976 (a.k.a. Chile ’76)

Fri 29 September – 19:30 The Venue
Chile 2022
Dir: Manuela Martelli
Cert: ?
95 mins
Starring: Aline Küppenheim, Nicolás Sepúlveda, Hugo Medina

Chile 1976. Carmen is an elegant, well-off 50 – year-old married to a successful Santiago doctor with children, grandchildren – and a lovely second home by the sea.It is 3 years since the bloody coup that brought Pinochet to power, but the violence and political oppression do not seem to impinge upon her privileged life style. While spending time on her own, taking charge of redecorating their seaside retreat, Carmen is approached by the local priest with a dangerous request. He is sheltering a young dissident who has been shot and wounded in the leg, and wants Carmen, who had earlier trained with the Red Cross, to help treat him. She agrees and finds herself being drawn more and more deeply into the perilous world of anti-government activism – a world she had previously tried to ignore. With tension and suspense worthy of Hitchcock, “1976” delivers a thought-provoking and edge-of-seat political thriller.

Best First Feature – London Film Festival.