Attila Marcel

Attila MarcelFriday 25th November, 2016

106 mins.
Dir: Sylvain Chomet
France 2013
Cert 12
Starring: Guillaume Gouix, Bernadette Lafont, Hélène Vincent, Anne Le Ny

The latest film by Sylvain Chomet, director of “Belleville Rendez-vous” and “The Illusionist”, both favourites from earlier LFS seasons, is this time a live-action feature. Imbued with the same zany sense of humour as his animated features, “Attila Marcel” centres on the mysterious life of 33 year old mute child-man Paul Marcel, who also happens to be a talented pianist. Orphaned as a baby, he has lived ever since with his two eccentric elderly aunts, both dance teachers, for whom he serves as an accompanist. However, a chance encounter with a neighbour, ageing hippy Madame Proust, and her dodgy herbal concoctions, begins to unlock the door to the enigma of his past. Funny, bizarre and moving, “Attila Marcel” also features the weirdest concert performance ever, in which Paul is the unconventional soloist!

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