Screening on 11/10/19
Sponsored by The Cheese Society

South Korea 2018
Dir: Lee Chang-dong
Starring: Yoo Ah-in, Steven Yeun, Jun Jong-seo
Cert 15
148 mins

Aspiring young novelist Lee Jong-su ekes out a living in Seoul doing menial jobs while waiting for creative inspiration. One day he meets a girl who remembers him from their village childhood and they begin a relationship. This is soon cut short by Hae-mi’s departure on a trip to Africa, during which Jong-su agrees to look after her cat. Jong-su looks forward to Hae-mi’s return, but he is in for a disappointment. She reappears accompanied by wealthy, sophisticated Ben, whom she met at Nairobi airport. Hae-mi and Ben behave like a couple, and although Jong-su feels outclassed by Ben, they become friends, the three of them spending time together. Jong-su is unsettled, however, when Ben confides in him about his bizarre ‘hobby’. Then things take a more sinister turn with Hae-mi’s sudden disappearance. A slow burning, enigmatic drama which delves deep into the mysteries of human relationships, Burning repays close attention.

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