C’est la vie!

Screening on 09/11/18

France 2016
Dirs: Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Starring: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Gilles Lellouche,Eye Haldara, Benjamin Lavernhe
Cert 15
115 mins

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Don’t panic, it’s only the bridegroom, flying into the arms of his beloved – or perhaps just flying! At this grandiose, overblown wedding reception it’s best to expect the unexpected. The no-holds-barred, extravagant event in the sumptuous setting of a 17th-century château is just begging to go all wrong – and it does, big time! Presiding over the chaos is veteran events planner Max, whose last gig this is meant to be; but it doesn’t look like he will be going out trailing clouds of glory! Rebellious staff, a temperamental wedding singer and a pretentious control freak of a bridegroom are only some of the thorns in Max’s flesh. Will he survive the day? A hilarious romp with many laugh-out-loud moments.

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