Hit the Road

Fri 10th February – 19:30 Terry O’Toole Theatre
Iran 2021
Dir: Panah Panahi
Cert 12A
93 mins
Starring: Hassan Madjooni, Pantea Panahiha, Amin Simiar, Rayan Sarlak

A middle-aged couple and their two sons, a taciturn 20 something and a very high-spirited 6 year-old, have embarked on a mysterious road trip through the remote Iranian countryside, heading towards the Turkish border. Ostensibly the elder son is on his way to get married, but the real purpose of the journey is only gradually revealed. The family bonds as they all reminisce over past events and share anxieties about an uncertain future, revealing their love for each other and the joy that they feel in being in each other’s company. There are bizarre encounters and moments of hilarity along the way, but as they approach their destination the seriousness of their project becomes all too apparent.