Saturday 6th May, 2017

98 mins.
Dir: Pedro Almodóvar
Spain 2016
Cert 15
Starring: Emma Suárez,Adriana Ugarte, Daniel Groa

“Julieta”, the director’s most reflective and restrained film in years, has at its centre the eponymous Julieta at various stages of her life, the unifying thread being her daughter Antía, from whom she is mysteriously estranged. We first see Julieta as a middle-aged Madrid-based academic, about to move to Portugal with her boyfriend. However, a chance encounter with an old friend of her daughter’s has a profound effect on her and she resolves to stay put and confront her past, pondering Antía’s deliberate absence from her life. Moving back and forth in time and from place to place, “Julieta” sensitively examines the complex issues of loss and grief too long unacknowledged and secrets too long guarded.

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