Screening on 14/02/20

Kenya 2018
Dir: Wanuri Kahiu
Starring: Samantha Mugatsia, Sheila Munyiva
Cert 12A
82 mins

The first Kenyan film to be previewed at Cannes, ‘Rafiki’ has become something of a cause célèbre in its home country where it was banned for the positive depiction of a lesbian relationship. Bursting on to the screen with all the youthful exuberance and day-glo colours of Nairobi’s street life, ‘Rafiki’ is a tender, moving story of two normal teenage girls who happen to love each other in a society where such love still “dare not speak its name”. As the friendship between Ziki and Kena develops into something deeper, the necessity of concealing the true nature of their relationship becomes, sadly, of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the girls still cannot escape the suspicious glares of family and neighbours, with far-reaching consequences.

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