Return of the Hero

Screening on 29/11/19

France 2018
Dir: Laurent Tirard
Starring: Jean Dujardin, Mélanie Laurent, Noémie Merlant
Cert 12A
90 mins

Jane Austen meets Flashman in this enjoyable romp, set during the Napoleonic Wars. The outrageously debonair Captain Neuville has just become engaged to Pauline, a simpering young woman from a noble family, when he is called to the Austrian front. Extravagant lamentation ensues and Neuville promises he will write every day to his beloved. However, romantic love letters are not forthcoming and soon Pauline is pining away! At this point Pauline’s intrepid sister Elisabeth steps in and decides to write the letters herself, describing in purple prose Neuville’s imagined heroic deeds and, eventually, his likely demise. Three years pass, time heals and we now find Pauline married to the foppish Nicolas. But we have not seen the last of Neuville – and he is certainly no hero! A fun film from the director of ‘Le Petit Nicolas’, with great production values and performances to match.

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