9 February – 19:30 The Venue
UK 2023
Dir: Ali Catterall, Jane Giles
Cert: 18
96 mins

The Scala cinema in pre-gentrified Kings Cross was a bastion of independent cinema between the years 1978 and 1993. Renowned for its eclectic programming, featuring mainstream fare, art house movies, horror, trash, double and triple bills, it was an institution that never failed to surprise. Add to all this the weird and wonderful nature of the clientèle, whose antics would often be in competition with what was showing on screen, and the picture is complete! It is a picture brought to garish life by “Scala!!!” , a richly textured documentary featuring archive footage, testimony from former audience members and clips from films. Outrageous, possibly offensive and … hugely entertaining!

Download the film notes here.