Summer 1993

Screening on 10/05/19
Sponsored by The Venue

Spain 2017
Dir: Carla Simón
Starring: Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, Bruna Cusi, David Verdaguer
Cert TBC
97 mins

The lovely countryside of Catalonia, lazy sunny days, new friends, frolics in a pond, farm animals. Just what would make for a summer idyll for a six-year-old city child. But in Frida’s case that is not the whole story. She has been sent to live with her uncle and aunt, following the death of her mother from an AIDS related illness; words that nobody seems able to pronounce. Frida struggles to fit into this new life, while trying to process the grief she is feeling, without being able to express it. Adults are sympathetic and mean well, but sometimes they just say and do the wrong thing! An engaging and unsentimental study of bereavement, greatly enhanced by charming, stand-out performances from the children playing Frida and her 4-year-old cousin Anna.

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