The Commune

The CommuneFriday 17th February, 2017

111 mins.
Dir: Thomas Vinterberg
Denmark 2016
Cert 15
Starring: Trine Dyrholm, Ulrich Thomsen, Fares Fares

Inspired by events from his own unconventional childhood in a hippy commune, Thomas Vinterberg’s latest film is a nostalgic and droll look at an alternative lifestyle in 1970s Copenhagen. A well-heeled suburban couple Anna and Erik, in an attempt to break free from stifling convention, decide to turn their spacious home into a commune, inviting all manner of bohemian friends and strangers alike. This leads to rowdy dinner parties, uninhibited behaviour and, of course, free love. But sexual freedom comes at a price, as Anna finds to her cost, when Erik takes up with a young student. It seems that the utopian ideal of communal living cannot eradicate deeply seated emotions such as jealousy! Will the commune crumble under the strain of such painful group dynamics?

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