The Guilty

Screening on 18/10/19

Denmark 2017
Dir: Gustav MÓ§ller
Starring: Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage (voice), Omar Shargawi (voice)
Cert 15
85 mins

The entire action of The Guilty is confined to an emergency services call centre, where police officer Asger is coping with routine problems, when a rather more disturbing call comes in. A woman, Iben, pretending to be calling her child, left alone at home, lets it be known that she has been kidnapped by her estranged husband and is on the road in his van. Managing to talk to the Copenhagen police while keeping Iben on the line, Asger makes frantic efforts to get the van identified and tracked down, all the time counselling the distressed Iben. It becomes apparent, however, that Asger, against all received wisdom, is investing too much of himself in this case, and that an ongoing professional crisis is seriously impairing his judgement – with alarming consequences. Incredibly tense and suspenseful, The Guilty holds the viewer in a vice-like grip!

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