VictoriaFriday 24th April, 2017

138 mins.
Dir: Sebastian Schipper
Germany 2015
Cert 15
Starring: Laia Costa, Frederick Lau

Amazingly shot in a single continuous take, “Victoria” takes us on a nocturnal trawl through the streets of Berlin, at first rambling aimlessly, then picking up speed as it races to its dramatic conclusion. Victoria is a Spanish girl working in Berlin. We see her coming out of a night-club and almost immediately falling in with four rather dubious young men. We wait for the situation to turn nasty, but it doesn’t. Victoria is not the “woman in peril” of countless thrillers, but a more than willing participant. The young men, although worse the wear for drink and seemingly on the edge of crime, mean her no harm. One of them, Sonne, obviously takes a shine to Victoria, and in a different film full-blown romance might have ensued. What does ensue, however, is an abrupt change of tone and an exhilarating, headlong dash into the realm of the heist movie.

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