Woman at War

Screening on 03/01/20

Iceland 2018
Dir: Benedikt Erlingsson
Starring: Halldóra Geirhardsdóttir, Jóhan Sigurdarson
Cert 12A
100 mins

Choir director Halla is a friendly, good-natured 49-year-old woman, seemingly living an unremarkable life. However, as ‘Mountain Woman’ her exploits are on everyone’s lips and widely reported in the local media. A committed ‘eco-warrior’, Halla has several times succeeded in bringing down power lines in her attempt to stop the environmental damage perpetrated by a multi-national industrial plant. Her ingenuity and resourcefulness are admirable; just wait till you see how she uses a bow and arrow! Fortunately, ‘Woman at War’ does not harangue. Managing to be both thought-provoking and warm-hearted, it is delightfully quirky in a way only Icelandic films can be. However, Halla’s increasingly risky ventures and subsequent police surveillance coincide with an unexpected, once in a lifetime opportunity for her to fulfil another more personal dream. Can the personal and the political be reconciled?

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