65 Years a Slavish Follower of Film

2018 marks the 65th year that Lincoln Film Society has provided a season of films to members. To mark the coming of our third age we’re looking at having a special event showing, outside the normal programme, of one film chosen by members from the archive.

We’ve identified over 1,200 films shown, of which 932 are main feature films. Now that’s a lot of films. In order to make the choice manageable, the full Committee will be sifting this down to a long list from which the Programming Committee will select a short list to put members to vote on in April.

That long list closes on 8 March so, if you have any particular film from the archive you’d like to see, or simply think is the most appropriate to mark the anniversary, please do join in and suggest that movie. Please bear in mind that many films may no longer be available from our distributors.

Email us or hand that note to our door tellers at a screening with the following details:

Season shown – Film name – Director

Oh yes, you want to see that list. It’s in a simple spreadsheet with the films listed on the first tab by order shown and on the second tab in alphabetical order. You can find it through this link.

As plans develop we’ll announce them at screenings, via the Monday trailer email and on this website, but this is the timetable

8 March 2018 Nominations for long list
1 April 2018 Short list published
1 April – 31 April 2018 Voting on short list
4 May 2018 Film announced
To be fixed Screening/event

Tony Butcher
Publicity Committee/Joint Secretary