It’s Summary Season

Well, we’re happy, hope you’re happy too at the short summer season.

If you want some facts with your figures the total attendance over the four films was 316, including 61 temporary members, giving an average of 79 full-sized humans at every screening. In the end 96 signed up for the full four-film season, which we say is fabtastic.

The Kings of Summer was the surprise hit, inducing the biggest smiles on the way out. The Green Ray induced the biggest Gallic shrugs on the way in and the way out, often from the same people. Well, it was very French.

Film Attendees (guests)
Plein Soleil 88 (17)
The Kings of Summer 65 (6)
The Green Ray 86 (18)
Local Hero 77 (20)

It all went very well and we’ll do it again if you want.

Well, do you?