65 Years a Slavish Follower of Film

2018 marks the 65th year that Lincoln Film Society has provided a season of films to members. To mark the coming of our third age we’re looking at having a special event showing, outside the normal programme, of one film chosen by members from the archive. We’ve identified over 1,200 films shown, of which 932 … Read more

The Innocents – Friday 12 January 2018 – An Apology

The committee unreservedly apologises for the failure to screen The Innocents, as advertised, and for the inconvenience caused to all those who attended. This is particularly in relation to the absence of information to members prior to the screening and the lack of clarity, and apparent inconsistencies, in communications during the pre-screening hour. The events … Read more

News About the 2017/18 Season

Membership We remind members and anyone interested in joining the Society that they will be able to renew their membership for the new season from May 1. The opportunity will extend until May 31st. The Committee has agreed that there will be a small increase in fees for next season, as follows: Single Membership – … Read more

The Rise of Film Societies and Community Cinema

“What makes a movie a movie?” asks author and critic Nick Pinkerton in the latest issue of Sight and Sound, the BFI’s international film magazine. Pinkerton’s question came up in an in-depth article examining of the changing state of film-going in this country. The type of platform, the size of the screen, apps like Periscope, … Read more

The Other Side of Film

Since June 24th, I’ve been pondering the Referendum result and its implications for film and film societies. The future looks depressing. Film societies work in different ways but they all serve the same purpose, namely to bring their members the widest possible range of films, especially those not on the mainstream circuit. These come from … Read more